Tech Tuesday

This post is just a sneak peek for what’s to come. What I will be starting is a feature that I will call Tech Tuesday. If you want some info on recent technological advancements or advancements that I just learned about, come read.

There is now an AI, made by developers in Montreal, that can imitate other peoples voices. All the AI needs to do is listen to someone talk for several hours and with pretty decent accuracy, imitate the subject. The name of the AI is lyrebird, and it has already imitated some famous politicians that I’m sure you know. A problem that might arrive from this technology is people can use it to impersonate someone. Since we are starting to turn into a cashless society, we use other ways to pay for things or keep things secure. Phones now have an option to recognize your voice only to do certain things, like unlock your phone. In the future, if you have a voice password, be careful!


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